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Name the Street Contest - WKU has become the proud owner of the section of Russellville Road that runs through campus.

We therefore have the privilege of bestowing the street with a NAME of our own selection, a NAME that will become the Institution's new address.

This will not be as easy as it sounds. Consider the street names that are already in use and cannot be duplicated:

  • Cherry Drive
  • Cherry Road
  • Cherry Way
  • College Street
  • Collegeview Drive
  • Diddle Street
  • Downing Avenue
  • Garrett Drive
  • Hilltop Drive
  • Hilltopper Avenue
  • Meredith Drive
  • Normal Street
  • Normal View Street
  • Ogden Way
  • Old Fort Avenue
  • Potter Avenue
  • Preston Avenue
  • Regents Avenue
  • Thompson Drive
  • University Boulevard
  • Virginia Garrett Avenue
  • Westen Street (This rules out "Western")
  • Western Green Avenue

The task will require inspiration, mental discipline, fortitude, inner purity, mystical insight, and luck. However, it is possible that just one of the aforementioned qualities could do the trick.

Someone Mentioned Valuable Prices:

  • 2 single admission, 1 day Opryland tickets
  • 2 Nashville Sounds baseball tickets
  • 1 night stay, double occupancy, at the Hampton Inn, Nashville

The Rules:

  1. The "Name the Street Contest" is open to faculty and staff of WKU only.
  2. Faculty and staff may enter as many times as they like. Each entry must be on separate entry form or a photocopy.
  3. All entries must be received by the Office of University Relations no later than 4:30, Wednesday May 5th. Judging will be done by off-campus WKU alumni.
  4. The winner will be announced on Friday May 7th.
  5. Employees in the Office of University Relations are not eligible.

WKU librarian Rose Davis came up with the winning name: Big Red Way.

There were 21 entries for Big Red Way - Cecile Garmon drew the winning name out of a hat.


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