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Glasgow Mayor Charles Honeycutt and Kern Alexander cutting ribbon for WKU Glasgow Campus.

Chronology of the Development of WKU Glasgow

1987- Nov. 17 - Announcement that WKU will bring enhanced course offerings to Glasgow.

1988 - Jan. - The campus opens at the Liberty Street complex with a headcount enrollment of 783 and a course enrollment count of 1,314. The university utilizes 17 classrooms, a bookstore, a computer laboratory, a typing laboratory, a library, and an administrative office complex totaling approximately 20,000 square feet. The campus is on an 8.8 are tract at 213 Liberty Street. The entire site has over 100,000 square feet under roof.

1988 - March - Campaign to raise $100,000 for the WKU Glasgow campus is initiated.

1988 - Sep. - James Heck named director. WKU Glasgow Golf Tournament established to support scholarships.

1989 - Jan. - Student needs assessment initiated.

1989 - Feb. 19 - Celebration held commemorating the completion of the $100,000 fund raising effort for WKU Glasgow library.

1989 - Feb. - On-site academic advising upgraded with addition of full-time staff.

1989 - Mar. 21 - Thomas Meredith & James Heck speak at reception celebrating one full year of WKU Glasgow operation.

1989 - Aug. - 3 year curriculum projection initiated. Updated every semester to project course sequential offerings three years in advance.

1989 - Sep. 21 - WKU Glasgow listed among five sites in the state that have been designated as extended campus centers by Kentucky Council on Higher Education.

1989 - Oct. 2 - Student government organized at WKU Glasgow.

1989 - Oct. 18 - WKU Glasgow homecoming activities.

1990 - Feb. 28. Robert Lessenberry nominated & elected to the Advisory Council replacing Harold Matthews.

1990 - March 1 - Second anniversary celebration.

1990 - Aug. 2 - Bonna Boettcher named first head librarian at WKU Glasgow.

1990 - Aug. 20 - WKU Glasgow Library opens. The Glasgow library fund began on March 11, 1988 and the $100,000 goal was reached Feb. 2, 1989. Of the $100,000 raised, $40,000 was used immediately to buy books and periodicals. $60,000 was placed in the Glasgow Library Resources Endowment Fund. Ninety percent of the interest is spent annually to upgrade materials at the Glasgow Library. Ten percent of the interest returns to the corpus in order to build endowment fund.

1990 - Sep. 11 - IDEA Board seeks approval from Glasgow City Council for proposal to purchase Liberty Street campus.

1990 - Sep. 26 - Ribbon cutting ceremony for library.

1990 - Dec. 14 - Grant awarded to WKU for the nursing program at WKU Glasgow by the Council on Higher Education. This grant is part of the a rural health initiative funded by the legislature during the 1990 session and totaled $80,000 for at least two years. It enabled WKU to hire one full-time nursing professor the first year and an additional full-time nursing professor in the second year. Laboratory equipment and supplies were also purchased.

1990 - Dec. 19 - Kentucky First Lady Martha Wilkinson & Cabinet Secretary Rogers Wells attend press conference to present $357,000 community development block grant to the Glasgow-Barren County Industrial Authority for the purchase of the Liberty Street Campus.

1990 - March 14 - On-line computer student information system established from main campus to WKU Glasgow. Students can access admission, registration, transcripts, class rolls, schedules and other information.

1991 - Apr. 22 - James Heck named WKU President's executive assistant.

1991 - Aug. - Dr. Beal hired as second director of WKU Glasgow and two additional full-time faculty added. Staffing consists of 10 full-time faculty/staff and 2 part-time staff and up to five student assistants. New Zenith computers purchased and installed for $29,000.

1992 - Apr. - Meeting held to discuss facilities. Regents approve recommendation to establish interactive television distance learning capabilities for WKU Glasgow. $100,000 invested in start-up costs.

1992 - Spring - The south main building and library reroofed. Handicap access construction begins.

1992 - June - Computers upgraded to keep WKU Glasgow technologically consistent with main campus. Lease of Liberty Street property extended through June 1993.

1992 - June 26 - Dr. Beal resigns as director.


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