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Kentucky Building At Western Will Be Dedicated Tomorrow By Sterrett Cuthbertson [Nov. 15, 1939, newspaper unknown]

Everything was completed at Western Teachers College today for the formal dedication of the Kentucky Building which is to take place tomorrow with a program beginning at 10 o'clock at the Van Meter auditorium.

A large crowd of visitors from many sections of Kentucky is expected to join Bowling Green and Warren county citizens and Western students for the dedication. The building, a museum dedicated to the preservation of Kentucky historical material, is one of the most unusual of its kind in the South.

The building and landscape architecture is of a form and type in keeping with the spiritual, historical, traditional and material assets of Kentucky. As far as possible, Kentucky materials have been used in its construction. The structure was designed by a Kentucky architect and the greater part of the construction work was performed by Kentucky artisans.

The central room of the first floor is the general reception room. The style and arrangement of the reception room is typically Kentuckian. With its high ceiling, beautifully paneled woodwork, open fireplaces in each end of the room, it offers an unusual, spacious and handsome appearance. It is expected that ultimately this room will be completely furnished in period furniture and that portraits of Kentuckians who have played an important part in the founding and development of our commonwealth will adorn its walls.

On the ground floor of the south wing is located the alumni room, set aside for the use of the alumni association of the college, and for the senior class. The first floor of the south wing will be known as the faculty room, for the use of faculty members and the many societies of the college for their meetings and social gatherings. It is intended that this wing together with the general reception room, will become the social center of the hill.

Two floors of the north wing are occupied and used by the Kentucky library. Under the original plan, one floor was set aside for this purpose. However, the library has had such a phenomenal growth both in volume and importance, it was found necessary to devote two floors for its accomodation. On the first floor is the office of the librarian and her assistant, work room, newspaper clipping file room, and a beautifully equipped and commodious public reading room.

The third floor is devoted to the Kentucky museum. Here has been collected, catalogued and displayed specimens relating to the geology, life and customs of the several periods of Kentucky's history. Of special interest is a display of mounted specimens of native bird and wild animal life, indigenous to the state. The new accomodations will make it possible for the college to add a vast amount of material to its present collection; to organize and classify it so that it will be usable; making it a Kentucky laboratory in training the large number of young men and women who attend the college.

In the basement of the new building is located the offices of the College Heights Foundation, the personnel department, the National Youth Administration and the College Heights Herald, and the class rooms for the teaching of Kentucky history.

The Kentucky Building, standing in a beautiful setting, flanked by the Kentucky Gardens, planted and arranged in early colonial style, with its ground planted with native trees and shrubbery, is permeated with a spirit distinctively Kentuckian in every respect.


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