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This image may be from the dedication ceremonies for Van Meter Hall or another event held there early in the building's use.

The dedication of New Vanmeter Hall and Administration Building was held Friday, May 5, 1911 in conjunction with the fifth convocation of superintendents of the western Kentucky State Normal School District.

The program states: The entire day will be devoted to the dedicatory exercises of the New Vanmeter Hall and Administration building. the regular class room work will be dismissed for the day.

10:00 Friday Morning

  • Music
  • Devotional exercises
  • Greetings - Board of Regents of Western Normal
  • Address - Captain Brinton B. Davis, Architect
  • Address - Speaker to be announced later.
  • Three-minute Talk by Visitors
  • Music

1:30 Friday Afternoon

  • Procession from Old Site to Normal Heights
  • Music
  • Greeting - Governor Augustus E. WIllson
  • Address - Dr. Elmer E. Brown, United States Commissioner of Education
  • Three-minute Talks by Visitors
  • Music

8:00 Friday Evening

  • Music
  • Scriptural Reading - Dr. Robert C. McCaslin
  • Prayer - Rev. Benjamin Helm
  • Greetings - Students of the Western Normal
  • Music
  • Address - Prof. P.P Claxton, University of Tennessee
  • Music
  • Transfer of Keys from Architect Brinton B. Davis to the Board of Regents of Western Normal
  • Address - Ellsworth Regenstein, Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Transfer of Keys from Board of Regents to President Henry H. Cherry
  • Address - 10 minutes - President Henry H. Cherry
  • Music

Typescript copied from unidentified newspaper found in WKU President's Office Scrapbook 1914-1922 gives this account:

The Dedicatory Exercises of the New VanMeter Hall and the Administration building occurred on Friday evening, May 5th. There were hundreds of visitors present at these exercises. The regular class-room work of the institution was dismissed and the entire day devoted to the Dedicatory Program. The devotional exercises of the morning program was conducted by the students of the western Normal. Immediately following the devotional exercises, President H.H. Cherry presented Vice-President H.K. Cole, of Louisville, who acted as chairman. Mr. Cole urged the State to make liberal investments in its childhood and showed that spiritual thrift preceded industrial thrift and then introduced Mr. J. Whit Potter, a member of the Board of Regents, who made a most interesting discussion. He was followed by Regent E.H. Mark who took an aggressive stand for the efficient training of teachers. A strong address was delivered by Capt. Brinton B. Davis, the Architect of the institution, and this address was followed by President J.G. Crabbe of the Eastern Normal and many other visitors who had honored the occasion with their presence.

One of the most interesting processions ever witnessed in Kentucky occurred in the afternoon when more than 1200 student-teachers with many visitors from Kentucky and other States marched from the old site to Normal Heights, the new location of the institution. On assembling at the new Auditorium, State Superintendent Ellsworth Regenstein was introduced as chairman of the meeting for the afternoon. Dr. W.O. Thompson, president of the University of Ohio, gave a great address upon the work and the influence of the teacher. His effort was the work of a master and had great influence in shaping the lives of the 2000 people present. Short talks by visitors followed the address of Dr. Thompson. All of these talks were characterized by educational zeal.

The crowning event of the occasion took place on Friday evening May 5th when a great program of unusual interest was rendered and when more than 2500 people were present. The Oratorio and Orchestra, under the direction of Prof. Franz J. Strahm, of the Western Normal, presented a musical program of unusual merit. The Fifty-eight greetings from the counties of the Western District and other States given by the students representing these respective sections were interesting features of the program. These exercises were followed by a great address by Prof. P.P. Claxton of the University of Tennessee and of the Summer School of the South. The program was completed with the transfer of the keys from Architect Davis to the Board of Regents and from the chairman of the Board of Regents to President H.H. Cherry. All who attended the meeting regarded it as one of great value to the educational interest of Kentucky.


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