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Date Built - 1921

Cost of construction -$233,407

Architects - D.X. Murphy and Co. and Brashear and Cohill

Namesake - The building was named after J. Whit Potter (1851-1923). He was born in Warren County and was a regent of Western Kentucky State Normal School. He was also the President of the American National Bank and Potter-Matlock Trust Company.

History - When the 3-story building was built in 1921 it was originally a women's dorm that housed 175. Dedicated on June 21, 1921, the cost to live there was $8.50 a month. It also had a 300 seat cafeteria for the girls to dine at. From 1942 until the end of 1943, air cadets occupied the building. In 1949, the dorm was converted for a women's dorm into a men's dorm. In 1957 Potter Hall went back to a girl's dorm because of two new men's dorms that were built. In 1994 (approximately), the building was renovated into an office building. Offices included admissions, financial aid, counseling services, career services, and the registrar.

Additions: 1949 - converted from a women's dorm into a men's dorm

1955 - 35 new rooms added in the cafeteria's space; new lighting, new wood facings, new flooring

1957 - new furniture for the rooms, rooms were redecorated, bathrooms were retiled, lobby was rebuilt, and new entrance was installed for use as women's dorm

1994 - renovated and made into an office building; the cost was $3.5 million


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