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International Journal of Exercise Science

ISSN 1939-795X

To our readers:

In the April 2014 issue of International Journal of Exercise Science (Vol. 7 Iss. 2), we published a manuscript entitled "Unrestricted Paleolithic Diet is Associated with Unfavorable Changes to Blood Lipids in Healthy Subjects" (Smith et al.). The article and its authors, as well as the journal and its editors, have been roundly criticized in public forums recently by proponents of the Paleolithic diet, and particularly by those who engage in common forms of high intensity interval training. They have alleged misconduct by the authors, fraud by the Editors, and they have requested a retraction of the article. We have informed them that the article was subject to peer-review, as are all submitted manuscripts, and we also followed up with the authors to investigate their claims of misconduct. The authors were forthright in their answers to us, and indeed stated, appropriately, the limitations to the research in the Discussion section of the paper. Upon suggesting that any further pursuit of alleging research misconduct should be directed towards the Institutional Review Board that approved the research, the critics chose rather to continue espousing their vitriol towards the authors, and towards us as well. To be clear, we will not be bullied by those who know nothing about research design, data collection, inherent limitations in research, peer reviewing, publication, or other components of the general research process, and we will not retract the article. We have worked very hard for nearly eight years to build an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes quality research. While some articles and their findings may not align with a group’s chosen dogma, that does not give them the right to attempt to discredit the work of dedicated professionals. We at the International Journal of Exercise Science are a community of scholars dedicated to scientific integrity, and in this case, that means supporting our fellow professionals and standing our ground against the unfounded opinions of our critics. As always, thank you for your support of the International Journal of Exercise Science.

T. Scott Lyons, Ph.D.
James W. Navalta, Ph.D.

The primary aim of the International Journal of Exercise Science is to engage undergraduate and graduate students in scholarly activity as authors and reviewers as they develop into professionals. In accordance with this aim, on manuscript submissions it is mandatory that at least one author be a student that has played a prominent role in the overall study (see Policies).

International Journal of Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings

The International Journal of Exercise Science publishes proceedings for a number of regional, national, and international conferences and meetings.

To simplify referencing as well as site navigation, we have assigned each conference or related organization its own “volume," and thus each year’s proceedings for that conference is an “issue."
For example, The Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine is Volume 2, and then each of its conferences has its own issue number.

If you are affiliated with an organization that holds research conferences within Exercise Science or a related field, and you are interested in having the International Journal of Exercise Science publish your proceedings, then please contact us at this email address:

While our most recently updated volume is listed in its entirety below, here you can find additional links to recently published proceedings from our other chapters and organizations:
(2014) Texas Regional Chapter Proceedings - American College of Sports Medicine
(2013) Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter Proceedings - American College of Sports Medicine
(2013) International Society of Exercise and Immunology Symposia Proceedings

International Journal of Faith Community Nursing

The International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN) is the official journal of Faith Community Nursing International (FCNI). The primary aim of IJFCN is to support the practice of faith community nurses worldwide through publication of current research and best practices.
At this time we are accepting submissions for our inaugural edition in Spring 2015. If you have questions regarding submissions, please contact one of the editors. We look forward to working with authors and welcome your questions.

International Journal of Leadership and Change

ISSN 2330-8109


International Journal of Leadership and Change (IJLC) is a peer-reviewed electronic and paper journal dedicated to scholarly work that advances knowledge about leadership and transformative change around the globe, especially in educational or education-related environments. IJLC includes two divisions: 1) studies related to applied, clinical, or policy issues; and 2) studies related to leadership theory or research.


Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership

ISSN 1948-5123

The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership...

...( is published through a joint partnership between the:

  • Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
  • Wilderness Education Association
  • WKU Research Foundation

New Manuscript Submission Categories

We are pleased to announce the following changes

  • Regular Papers: (a) quantitative and/or qualitative research findings & (b) conceptual or theoretical discussions
  • Essays, Practices, and Commentaries: critical essays; best practices; and commentaries related to philosophies, historical perspectives, policies, pedagogy, or reviews of outdoor education and leadership.
  • Research Notes: research studies presented in a condensed format or research studies which: (a) extend the understanding of a previous research study, (b) comment on prior research, (c) provide a methodological contribution, and (d) replicate or fail to replicate reported results.

The journal's mission is to improve outdoor recreation, education, and leadership through the publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed manuscripts centered on professional practice, research, and theoretical discussions.

The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership encourages manuscript submissions from authors inside and outside of academia.

To contact journal staff, please visit the About this Journal page.

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal: The Journal of the Teacher Education Division of the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal

The purpose of the Kentucky Teacher Education Journal (KTEJ) is to provide a forum for the dissemination of original research, critical issues, information and ideas concerning teacher preparation with an impetus to advance instruction for educators of exceptional and gifted children, and thereby have a positive impact on the education of students with and without disabilities.

Kentucky Teacher Educator

Kentucky Teacher Educator (KTE): was the predecessor of KTEJ. It was the original journal, published in 2007 and 2008, by the Teacher Education Division of the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children. KTE was published under the editorship of Dr. Nedra Atwell, Professor at WKU. The Editorial Review Board included John Nelson, Pikeville College; Marty Boman, Western Kentucky University; Arlene Hall, Murray State University; Marlene White, Eastern Kentucky University; and Sylvia Dietrich, Western Kentucky University. KTE has been republished as a series and is accessible via the KTEJ.