Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)

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Higher education professionals often hear about the challenges first-year college students face as they transition from high school to college. However, challenges unique to the first-year college student who is out-of-state is not often discussed. Stress, health issues, and the wavering commitment to remain in school are results from such challenges and should not be ignored (Chemers, Hu, & Garcia, 2001). This video pamphlet will cover three major issues that out-of-state students usually encounter during their first year in college. Specifically catered to Western Kentucky University students who identify their home to be anywhere as close as Indiana or as far as California, the video discusses the following issues and tips to remain academically and socially successful: Homesickness (Bentley, 1986), high costs for tuition and resident fees, and then developing and sustaining social support (Lee, Dickson, Conley, & Holmbeck, 2014). The goal of our video is bring awareness, outline considerations, and offer recommendations.



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