Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals (CNS 577)


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Student athletes are finding themselves struggling at the breaking point on campuses across the United States. Not only do these students have to juggle their coursework with a full-time schedule for their sport, but some even hold down part-time jobs. Along with juggling a full-time course load, athletic pursuits, and work, student athletes may find themselves feeling pressure to maintain a proper diet, skimping on very necessary sleep, and needing to work out every day. This jam-packed schedule leaves little room to easily maintain any kind of social life, self-care, studying, and it will even cut into their class time when travelling to big games. What can be done? And what can we do to help them transition into this new life as a college student athlete? There are several resources for these students. This pamphlet it intended to inform student athletes of all the resources available to them including counseling, tutoring, academic counseling, a compliance officer, team doctors, and athletic trainers. Hopefully, making these resources common knowledge may eliminate the stigma of seeking help as a student athlete.


Student Counseling and Personnel Services