Genealogical note to supplement Charles H. Smith: A Direct-Line Ancestry, Since Colonial Times (2020)


Among the individuals I researched in compiling my “Charles H. Smith: A Direct- Line Ancestry, Since Colonial Times” (published online in 2020) was one Abby (aka Abi, Aby, Abbey, Abigail) Benson, of Sharon and Kent, Litchfield County, Connecticut. Abby, who married Chester Fowler (1800-1878) about 1823 (based on the date of birth of their first child William in 1824), is one of my third great-grandmothers. As of 2020 I was unable to identify Abby’s parents, though she has always been listed as a Benson. There were other Bensons in the immediate area, though historically the family had roots extending back to the early days of the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts (most recently at that point in Middleborough and Rochester). The Fowlers (including Chester’s father William (1773-1853), his father Luther (1739-abt. 1808), his father Jonathan (1685-1774), his father Samuel (1652-1739), and his father Ambrose (1626-1704)) had longstanding ties to Westfield, Massachusetts, but also had had connections with Litchfield County for at least two generations before Chester was born.


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