Barker, James W. Equivalence of Kaige and Quinta in the Dodekapropheton, Found in Translation, Festschrift for Leonard Greespoon, West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2018.


The essay divides into four parts. First, I give examples of lesser and greater extents of kaige’s revision of the OG. Second, I discuss Justin Martyr’s use of kaige for the Minor Prophets. Sometimes Justin quoted kaige verbatim, but at other times he conflated it with the OG. Third, I reexamine the relationship between kaige and Quinta. Based on the extant evidence from Justin, Origen, and Jerome, one can reasonably conclude that kaige and Quinta were the same in the Dodekapropheton. The prevailing counterargument contends that kaige influenced Quinta no more than kaige also influenced Justin, the Coptic versions, Codex W, and Aquila.7 The concluding section shows this argument to be specious by weighing internal and external evidence.


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