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Map of frontier settlements in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. It includes birthplaces of notable figures, battlefields, trails and illustrations of one and two family stations.

Includes information on the following stations and people: A. Sturgus Station
Bean's Station
Boiling Spring Station
Boone, Daniel
Bowman's Station
Brashear's Station
Brown's Station
Caldwell's Station
Carpenter's Station
Casey's Station
Clark, George Rogers
Clark's Station
Cowan's Station
Cox's Station
Craig's Station
Crow's Station
Daviewss' Station
Denton's Station
Dutch Station
Elisha Craig's Station
English's Station
Fisher's Station
Floyd's Station
Forks of Dick's River Station
Fort Finney
Fort Hartford
Fort Massac
Fort McIntosh
Fort Nelson
Fort Pitt
Fort Redstone
Fort Washington
Given's Station
Gordon's Station
Haggin's Station
Harbeson's Station
Hardin's Station
Harlan's Station
Harrod, James
Harrod's Station
Henry Thomas' Station
Hobson's Choice
Hogan's Station
Irish Bunton's Station
Irvin's Station
Irvine's Station
James McAfee's Station
John Bunton's Station
Kenton, Simon
Kenton's Station
Kincheloe's Station
Lawrence's Station
Logan, Benjamin
Martin's Station
McBride's Station
McClelland's Station
McConnell's Station
McCormack's Station
McGary's Station
McKinney's Station
McMurty's Station
Mefford's Station
Montgomery's Station
Morgan's Station
Pettit's Station
Pittman's Station
Ruddle's Station
Russell's Station
Sandusky's Station
Shelby's Station
Smith's Station
Squire Boone's Station
St. Asaph's Station
Strode Station
Sullivan's Station
Todd's Station
Trigg's Station
Warrior's Path
William Field's Station
William McAfee's Station
William Whitley Station
Wilson's Station
Worhtington's Station
Yocum's Station

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