Volume 16, Issue 4 (2022) Fitness Assessment

Original Research


A Comparison of Muscle Recruitment Across Three Straight-Legged, Hinge-Pattern Resistance Training Exercises
Jeremy R. Dicus, Samuel H. Ellestad, Jesse E. Sheaffer, Carol A. Weber, Noah C. Novak, and Michael E. Holmstrup


The Relationship Between Health and Movement Screens and Field-Based Physical Fitness Tests in Reserve Officer Training Corps Students
Lukas Krumpl, Nickolai J. P. Martonick, Youngmin Chun, Ann F. Brown, and Joshua P. Bailey


Improvements in flexibility depending on stretching duration
Konstantin Warneke, Klaus Wirth, Michael Keiner, and Stephan Schiemann


Interrater, Test-retest Reliability of the Y Balance Test. A Reliability Study including 51 Healthy Participants
Frederik Nicolai Foldager, Sofie Louise Aslerin, Sarah Bækdal, Lisa Urup Tønning, and Inger Mechlenburg


Ischemic Preconditioning Improves the Bench-Press Maximal Strength in Resistance-Trained Men
Anderson Luiz Rodrigues, Bernardo N. Ide Dr., Jeffer Eidi Sasaki, Donizete Cicero X. de Oliveira Oliveira, Claudio de Oliveira Assumpção, Moacir Marocolo, and Gustavo Mota


Estimates of agreement between three low-cost and one high-cost bioelectrical impedance analyzers using classical and contemporary dancers.
ROBERTO GONZÁLEZ MARENCO, Martha Medina-Escobedo, Joaquín Blanco-Castillo, Jorge Euan-Zapata, Saile Chan-Kantún, José Sanguino-Pinzón José, and Cinthia Gamboa-Pereyra


Reliability of a Novel Automated Ultrasound Technology for Body Composition Assessment and Comparisons with Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
Adam Bradley, Lukus Klawitter, Emma Carver, Zach Johnson, Ryan McGrath, Sherri Stastny, Bryan Christensen, and Kyle Hackney

Technical Note


The heart rates and movement speed of Specialist Tactical Police during a multistorey active shooter training scenario
Jeremy Robinson, Mihajlo Micovic, Ben Schram, Alexander Leroux, and Robin Marc Orr


T. Scott Lyons, PhD, FACSM
University of North Alabama

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James W. Navalta, PhD, FACSM
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
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Western Kentucky University

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Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, FACSM
University of North Texas
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