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Park City Daily News article reprinted in the College Heights Herald regarding new press box.

(Ed. Note: Harry Towles of the PARK CITY DAILY NEWS, does an excellent job of giving the inside story concerning Western's new press box. The Western press box was built under the supervision of the Industrial Arts department.)

Time was when the boys and girls of the newspaper fraternity were shunted back in any hole or cranny at athletic contests. That time is passing. There remain many gymnasiums and stadiums which do not have adequate facilities for the boys who write up the game, but it is not because the worth of publicity is not realized by the teams represented. It is because when those structures were built those who designed them failed to take into consideration the need for a thing called convenience for the press boys. This attitude was expressed locally when the fine stadium at Western was constructed. When open house was held for this architectural masterpiece, the first thing newspapermen noticed was the absence of a press box. the architects thought it would not fit with the style of the structure. The fault soon was remedied, however, across the field from the stadium.

When Western's gymnasium was constructed ample space was left for a press row. It was in the balcony and approximately 16 writers could be seated. It was large enough for several years, just as the gymnasium itself was sufficient. But those planners did not foresee the rapid growth of basket ball and the one-adequate basketball court, one of the best if not the best in the state, is now too small. So was the press box and something has been done about that. Kelly Thompson, with a nod of approval from President Paul Garrett, has had erected in the rafters of the gym a press room which from a vantage standpoint alone is the best in Kentucky. Two rows of newsmen may be seated and the capacity of the box is about 30. All occupants have a clear view of play. The newspapermen are indebted to Western officials for "taking care" of them so well.

And every inch of space in the gymnasium is being utilized in an effort to permit more people to attend games here. Officials at the school says 4,000 fans now may be seated in the gymnasium, but that is about the limit. That is, there is no hope of further expansion. There's no doubt but that more than 4,000 will want to see some of Western's games this season. And many full houses are expected when the SIAA tournament is held here at the conclusion of the season.


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