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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Ray Mendel, John O'Connor, Sebastiano Fisicaro

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


Research concerning the validity of various procedures for assessing managerial potential is reviewed. It is found that several assessment techniques are valid for identifying and/or predicting potential and that a combination of techniques usually accounts for a significantly greater amount of criterion variance than does a single assessment procedure used alone. The lack of research concerning the use of multiplecomponent assessment techniques for the selection of individual job applicants for lower-level managerial positions is pointed out. The present study concerns itself with an operational individual assessment program designed to identify and select from among experienced job applicants those individuals exhibiting greater supervisory and/or managerial potential. It's objectives are to examine the merits of this process from the organization's point of view and to assess the relative values of the separate components utilized in the process, namely clinical ratings and objective tests. The results tend to support the ratings, though no significant correlations were found. Weaknesses in the criterion are pointed out and it is suggested that both the assessment process and the performance appraisal procedure be revised.


Business | Human Resources Management | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences