Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

V.J. Christenson, Claude Frady, Gene Farley, David Shannon

Degree Program

Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

Degree Type

Education Specialist


The purpose of this project is to design a proposed supplemental curriculum for grades seven and eight in the Greensburg Elementary School, Green County, Kentucky. This supplemental curriculum is aimed at decreasing the number of students classified as educationally disadvantaged.

The procedure used in the project is to review general information related to the problem of disadvantaged students and to present specific information concerning the existing situation in Green County. The means of identifying disadvantaged students are described and the special needs of these students are enumerated. The latter part of the project is devoted to recommendations concerning implementation of the proposed supplemental curriculum for the intended group of students.

The appendix contains the Supplemental Activities Curriculum Guide which includes a unit on orientation to practical arts education and units on the following occupations clusters: construction, fine arts and humanities, and consumer and homemaking.


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