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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


Western Kentucky University (WKU) offered a course entitled Biochemistry for the Health Sciences in the spring semester of 2007. The course was taught in Interactive Television (ITV) format, and was the first time a class had been taught in the format enabling two-way communication by the Chemistry Department. One section was present in an ITV broadcast classroom on the main campus in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Another section received the broadcast on the campus of Western Kentucky University-Owensboro (WKU-O), at Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC), located in Owensboro, Kentucky. The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the delivery of the chemistry class and to ascertain if ITV is a suitable format for chemistry classes. Professor Larry Byrd taught the class in person to twenty-nine students in Bowling Green. David Martin, the author of this thesis, attended the class at WKU-0 along with one student, who was required to take the class for her Health Sciences major. The thesis addresses the technical aspects of an ITV class, the logistical challenges faced at both locations, the subject matter covered, and the reactions of students. A survey was administered to the Bowling Green class and the Owensboro student was interviewed. Suggestions for improvements were made for future classes. The conclusion is that ITV can certainly be used successfully for the delivery of chemistry classes. The student in Owensboro received an "A" for the semester. This result compared to 50% "A's", 32 % "B's", 9% "C's", and 9% "D's" and "W's" for the total class. The most needed improvement for the class is the inclusion of demonstrations of laboratory experiments on video. The technical and logistical challenges encountered can be overcome with more experience on the part of the professor and improvements in the courier transportation system. This particular class is scheduled to be offered via ITV in the fall 2007 semester and will be broadcast to multiple remote locations. This limited study of an ITV chemistry class shows that the delivery method is appropriate and reasonable. To broaden the statistical base for comparison of ITV classes to traditional classes, another series of experiments should be performed. A proposal for a study between a traditional class, an ITV main campus class, an ITV remote class, and a web-based class is included. This study is designed to compare student performance over a range of delivery methods for the same course.


Chemistry | Education