Submissions from 2018

Imitation of Life, Kristi Branham

Submissions from 2015

Parents as a Team: Mother, Father, a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a Spinning Toy, Trini Stickle, Douglas Maynard, and T. McDonald

Submissions from 2014


Hung Out to Dry: Laundry Advertising and the American Woman, 1890-1920, Kristi Branham


Consumer -Based Higher Education: The Uncaring of Learning, Molly Kerby, Kristi Branham, and Gayle Mallinger

Submissions from 2012

Securing Recipiency in Workplace Meetings: Multimodal Practices, Trini Stickle and Cecilia Ford

Submissions from 2010


Using Facebook to Teach Rhetorical Analysis, Jane Fife

Submissions from 2008


Wendell Berry (Encyclopedia Entry), Wes Berry

Submissions from 2005

Feminisms, Kristi Branham

Submissions from 1997


Re-seeing Research on Response, Jane Fife and Peggy O'Neill